SEO Test

We liked your resume, so welcome to round 2!


Next we have a quick test to see your ability to review a webpage, your SEO technical skills and more.

Please review:

  • This test has no right or wrong answer
  • This is an un-optimised website
  • No need to spend more than 1 hour on this
  • No need for a full tech audit

┬áPlease note – There are other issues with the example webpage that are not necessarily directly SEO related but could fall into the category of UX/UI or other things. Please do your best to think about these problems too.

what to do?

  1. Make a 5 minute video using a screen recorder such as LOOM talking over issues you have found and an overall top level strategy.
  2. Make a 1-2 page Word document highlighting issues with screenshots and insights. Make this as if you were going to present this to a client.
  3. Send your work to



Best of luck,
Team Advallu